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Check out some samples of previous work and tutorial videos

Demo Reel

Sound design demo reel of some of my past work over the past year. Go here for a detailed explanation of each section.

Shave It | Sound Designer/Composer

From 3dar Animation Studios. Mixed in 5.1 and decoded to LtRt for web release.

WiTricity | Sound Designer

Sound design for WiTricity Technology.

Pitney Bowes | Sound Designer

Sound design for Pitney Bowes advertisement.

Wwise Demonstration Video | Sound Designer

Eternal Eclipse Wwise Session.

Mini Dogfight | Composer

Echoboom's "Mini Dogfight."

Insight | Sound Designer

Explainer Audio for PeopleInsight (No Music)

Mark and the Moon Genie | Re-recording Mixer

Mark is a prisoner of his disabled mother and is set free by a Moon Genie that he catches in his garden one night.

Heart of the Swarm | Composer

I was asked to compose for a student's final project in Sound Design for Visual Media.

Amiracle Solutions | Composer

Ukulele inspired theme song composed for www.amiraclesolutions.com

CPAWS National Parks Documentary | Composer

Guitar and Ukulele based soundtrack for Okanagan, BC film.

No Leaf Goes Unturned | Composer

An orchestral piece I composed to the beautiful footage from "Planet Earth."

Waves Sound Design Competition | Sound Designer

24 hour sound design piece using only Waves Plug-ins.

Guess Who's Muslim | Sound Designer

Re-recording mixer for West New Dawn's Short Film


Here are some SFX assets I have designed and recorded for use in various games & films. Please refer to the Contact section for a quote on my rates.


Music Demo Reel

Orchestral Tracks

Corporate/Business Tracks

"Shave It" OST

Children's Songs

Falling Colors

Original soundtrack for addictive Android game "Falling Colors".

"Mini Dogfight" OST

Original soundtrack for iOS/Android release "Mini Dogfight".

Home From Home

Home of the Glow Worm

No Leaf Goes Unturned

Heart of the Swarm

Miracle Solution

"Glob the Blob" OST

"Hey Ya" Acoustic Cover

"Stand By Me" Acoustic Cover

Contact Information

For rates and availability, please contact me at: